Data Protection Made Simple

Data Protectin

How concerned are you about protecting your data? With all the recent data breaches in the news, data protection becomes a greater concern with each passing day. And it’s problem that doesn’t have a straightforward solution.

The average computer user has data stored in more than one place. We have our online data, such as our user names and passwords, stored credit card information, and online profiles. But most people also have plenty of important data stored locally on their personal computers as well. And we never know what catastrophic event might put our data in jeopardy. It could be something as devastating as a house fire or burglary, but it could also be as simple as having a hard drive that, suddenly and without warning, decides to give up the ghost.

No matter what the situation, data loss is never expected, so we have to take steps to protect our data. I’ve heard some people say that they don’t have any data on their computer that’s important, but after further discussion, they realize that they have personal photos on their hard drive that they would hate to lose. After all, many documents are easily reproducible, but photographs just aren’t.

If you want to have a complete backup solution, you should actually have three copies of your backup. That may seem excessive, but it really isn’t. You need two local copies of your data, possibly on two separate external hard drives, and one backup in the cloud. For cloud backup, there are many options, and not all of them are equal. Some of them are not monitored, meaning if the scheduled daily or weekly backup doesn’t happen for some reason, you won’t be notified. Others, such as the full featured and worry-free cloud solution offered by YourTechie, are monitored solutions. So if your backup fails or is interrupted, you will be notified. To have a data loss, only to find out that your data hasn’t been backed up for days, weeks, or even months is a terrible thing to find out.

Data protection involves more than just data backup, however. In the event that you need to get rid of a computer to replace it with a new one, there is a legitimate concern regarding what to do with the sensitive data that is on the old hard drive. Once that data is transferred from the old computer to the new one, it is critically important to make sure the information on the old hard drive is completely destroyed, kept safe from prying eyes.

Data destruction can be accomplished in a few different ways. You can “wipe” the data from the hard drive with a special data destruction program, but you can also physically destroy the hard drive. Either of these methods can be 100% effective, but both are difficult to do. If you find yourself in need of erasing data on an old Mac or PC, your best bet is to have a consultation with the experts at YourTechie to determine the best path forward.